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Reserve Studies

Plain and simple - a reserve study is an effective tool that can be used by all types of properties including condominiums, homeowner associations, resorts, commercial properties, churches, and more. Our experience in the construction and finance industries gives us a strong understanding of building components and their required maintenance, as well as planning for the financial future of your building.


No two properties are the same - thus, no two reserve studies should be the same. We work closely with the owner and management teams to understand the unique needs of the owners. Each study is customized, paying close attention to each property’s components, required maintenance, and financial position.

Maintenance Plans

Detailed maintenance plans play a critical role in preserving the value and integrity of your property. Integrating the property’s short term maintenance needs with a thirty-year reserve study is a good way to ensure your property retains its value, as well as helps you prepare for any future costs associated with maintaining your property.

Some states, like Oregon, require Homeowner Associations to acquire maintenance plans. Any property which has regular maintenance, repair, or replacement needs will benefit from a detailed maintenance plan.

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